We Made It
4:57 PM | Author: Eric Tuin

So we made it! The 10 of us ran 170 some miles from Idaho Springs to Glenwood Springs, and although we didn't finish in any sort of glorious time we had fun. The weather was terrible... someone joked that the only other thing that we could have delt with is lightening. Well, that and sunshine! It rained almost the entire time, snowed, and was cold and wet as a result. I think after a couple days of rest almost everyone has said that they would do it again too. It is strange that while you are in the middle of it I told myself that it is not worth it and didnt want to do it again but after some rest it sounds like a good idea again.

I am going to take a week or so off from training and especially running to try and give my body a rest and hopefully restore everything back to normal.
Thanks for stopping by!
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On 3:16 PM , Marion said...

You always beat me by a day in your posts:)... I've posted about the race too - www.loginlink.blogger.com.:)

On 6:21 PM , Toevs Family said...

Way to go, Eric! What an accomplishment. I am referring to the 170 mile run, not the blog. :) Although I am sure the blog is an accomplishment too.

On 6:38 PM , Gary Brown said...

Hey Eric, bring your group out and do the famous Hood to Coast run next year.
Gary B