Fall Colors
11:01 AM | Author: Eric Tuin

It is Fall in the Colorado mountains and getting to be that way in the lower elevations. I was able to spend a few days last week up near Fairplay hunting. There is a reason it is called hunting rather than anything else because you do much more hunting them then you do harvesting! I think this is my fouth year archery hunting and although I don't spend a lot of time at it each year, usually 3 weekends or so, I still have yet to get anything. At first I thought that I had the wrong tag as I would always see Elk while hunging Deer and Deer while hunting Elk, well I get both tags now and still have had no luck.

I decided while up there that I would just try to enjoy the beauty of the day and take some pictures whenever something caught my eye. I'm glad I did as I would really have nothing to show for my trip if I didn't.

Thanks everyone for your comments and for stopping by it is nice to hear from you all. !
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On 1:09 PM , Toevs Family said...

Nice fall pics. It is fall here as well. The tree just outside my window has great reds and oranges in it. That is a perk to living in the midwest.
Thanks for posting again!
Say "hello" to Marion!

On 3:07 PM , Marion said...

Hang in there - you'll get something:)... It's not an "if" it is just a "when":)!


On 8:28 PM , Anonymous said...

I finally checke out your blog. Nice pics of the Aspen trees.