Tribute to My Dad
9:24 AM | Author: Eric Tuin
Today is my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! He's 59 I believe and I've never been able to keep my parents ages straight for some reason. Anyway, I hope that I can raise my son as good as my Dad raised me, and by God's grace build on what Dad put into me and load it all up into my son (and daughter for that matter). Early on in life I remember wanting to hang around him and always see what he was up to. I remember many nights or afternoons holding the flashlight for him while he worked on the car and having to be careful not to move it so that he could see. Doing so let me see how he did things and learn how to do them myself. Dad can pretty much do anything and he put that into me somehow as well. I remember him having to fix the car or some other appliance at home and not really knowing how to do it or what he was getting in to but just diving in and taking things apart until he found what was wrong and what needed to be replaced. I've found that most of the things we use every day are really pretty simple mechanically and you can usually fix them yourself if you have the guts to start taking things apart.

Dad also taught me...
How important it is to have a relationship with Jesus and how life is so much better with Him by your side.

The importance of loving your wife and taking care of her.

That you don't have to always say what is on your mind that it is sometimes better to hold your tongue for the appropriate time, people usually listen better that way.

How to enjoy the outdoors whether you are cutting wood, fishing, hunting or whatever.

How to use a shovel, pick, ax, tractor, saw, tools, hammer, broom, gun, fishing pole, etc. and most importantly your head.

Many many other things that are too many to mention.

I hope your day is blessed Dad, I love you.
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On 10:58 AM , Marion said...

I hope our son turns out just like you too;). You are the best! Thanks Dad T. for giving such a great gift to our lives through your example and leadership!

On 3:16 PM , Toevs Family said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Jan! I have many memories of staying with you guys in the summer and watching him do many things... milk the cows, build a house, work on cars, cut wood, garden... many things! I have to laugh whenever I think of all of us moving the cows across the highway! HaHa
He has been a great dad to you and a wonderful to me! :-) If you read this Uncle Jan, I say to you, "Happy Birthday and I love you!"

On 3:34 PM , Mom said...

I keep forgetting to visit your blog. Thanks for the reminder. What a great tribute to your dad! Thank you! My prayer for all of you is Ps. 103:17,18 (really the whole chapter) It has proved true and I trust it will continue to be a blessing. My love to you! Mom

On 4:31 PM , Dad said...

Dear Eric,
Thanks for the kind and seemingly flattering words. I can't remember teaching you all those things. By God's grace He gave me wisdom I didn't know I had. It is neat to see God continue His work in us as I see Him working in you and your family. Praise Him for all his blessings!