Reflection on the past 33 years
4:00 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
So as I passed my 33rd birthday I woke up yesterday morning for my run and was trying to think about my first 33 years and what I have accomplished and wondering how my next 33 years would be. I fully expect to have two more runs at 33 years and live to at least 99 so I figure the next set of 33 need to be better than the first. I don't think I regret much of what i've done so far I think it has been pretty good and fairly productive.

Sunday our pastor taught about finding God's will and revealed that God pretty much has had one plan for all of redeam people back to him. God's will doesn't change our calling and preparation as to how we fit into that plan is the only thing that changes. That was kind of a revelation to me (although I'm sure I didn't state it as well as he did). So as I pass 33 I wonder what my ultimate calling is going to be and how I am being prepared for the future. That is one of those impossible questions to answer but still makes you wonder.

I want my next 33 years to be more helpful to people and to do my best to raise my kids to follow Him and have Kids that will be be a blessing to people as well. I pray that they will learn from my mistakes and take a step forward rather than having to learn on their own. If I had my choice I would have another vocation where I could spend more time with my family and still enjoy a day's work. I guess we will see what the next 33 years has in store.
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On 6:31 AM , Toevs Family said...

Seems weird that you are 33! But I guess that make sense since I am only 2 months shy of 36... yikes! Hope you had a great birthday. Enjoy your next 66 years. :-)