Not Guilty
8:02 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
So I had to serve on Jury Duty last week! I was not really wanting to do it but then also had no good reason why I couldn't so I didn't give any real obvious indication that I could not stay. The case ended up being somewhat of a joke, although I'm sure it wasn't to the parties involved. It was a "harassment and assault" case, basically a couple guys had a scuffle and one of them got their butt kicked and decided to call the police because he lost so bad. Now, that wasn't the full story and we listened to 8 hours of lies to try to figure out what the story was...ultimately we said the guy was "not-guilty" he wasn't innocent by any means, he hit the guy and definitely caused him some pain but from what we determined he was pretty provoked and just because one guy lost doesn't make him innocent either.

I did learn that if you are ever asked to "write a statement" that you should be as thorough as possible! The accused left out a lot of important details in his statement that could have made the case even harder against him had he just taken a little more time with it. It is sad to me that people make up stories and hold back the truth on things when they feel like they are in trouble. It would have been better for both of them to just admit their faults and go on their way. I guess we all don't want people to think worse of us or whatever and our pride gets in the way of everything and we end up hurting more people in the process. Those guys "hurt" us in that we had to spend 2 days away from work and all the other things associated with getting there and such. All for nothing really. I didn't mean to get philosophical, sorry.

I bet those words "not guilty" to someone in his shoes sound pretty good! Not guilty of whatever it is that was done, whether he did it or not. He can't be tried again and will not be punished even if he was guilty...I guess that's the definition, more or less, of forgiveness. He was forgiven, in man's terms, of the accused crime and his life will never be the same because he didn't have to go through the punishment that he maybe deserved. I guess its just a little earthly taste or reminder of what was done for me. When I get to heaven Jesus is going to say "Not Guilty" and I won't have to pay a price or punishment that I could never pay, for what I've done.

Pretty good feeling really!
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On 8:31 PM , The Miller Clan said...

Nice post bro! Good reminder! Love ya!

On 10:08 PM , Marion said...

Likin' it...Lovin' you! Sorry it took me so long to find the post.