Needing to Post!
1:02 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
So I've been a big slacker at posting lately! Things have just been busy and crazy and I haven't made time to do it I guess. The latest busy things happening...

My Accounting Clerk turned in her resignation! She was actually just doing my stuff part time but nonetheless she wont be doing it after about 5 more weeks. So, I'm having to learn a whole new aspect of this thing called "ownership" and having to be somewhat of an accountant, which I didn't ever know I was signing up for. My wonderful wife is going to help with what she can and that will be a big help as I'm not sure I can do it all myself at this point.

We are still searching for the needle in the haystack as far as work. Things here in the development world are very slow and it is difficult to find enough work to keep us busy. We are still hangin in there though trying to conserve as much as possible and are still believing that we will come through this too.

My daughter started kindergarten today! I am excited for her to be in school, she craves learning so much and I hope that she will be able to be continually challenged and not get beat down to being just an average student. It is a completely different world than when I went so long ago (almost 30 years ago!). Welcome class of 2021.
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On 4:51 PM , Marion said...

Woo Hoo!!! A post:). Glad to help you with numbers all I can. I'll always support you in any way I can.

On 10:46 PM , The Miller Clan said...

Yeah...I love to read your posts and am glad to see a new one! I can't believe our girl are starting school already! It is crazy! Hope she enjoys it!
Love you,

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