A New Name
8:38 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
Well its official. The new company that was created as Vision Engineering is no longer. I officially made the change today and registered 2N Civil, LLC. It was pretty easy to change the name with the state actually but will be difficult to make all the changes to all of the company's and vendors that we work with. There will be a lot of expense to change business cards, signs, ect. I guess that is the way it goes and there is no point in getting overly excited about it since there is nothing I can do but move forward at this point. I believe that the new name will be better than the original one and that we will be able to really move forward now that we can focus on our actual work.
It ought to prove to be an interesting year and I still expect gerat things from this new company.
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On 9:57 AM , Jana Miller said...

YEAH! I'm glad you have been able to decide what to call your new company! I am praying that you will be super successfull! I love you!