Where Do I Begin
8:45 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
Well, once again its been a while...so I should probably write an update.

The bank that I was using, the one that said took us in this direction in the first place, and the one that said they could do it, turned me down. They could not get the warm fuzzy feeling that I was talking about and I think were too close to the deal. They were the bank for the seller and were becoming close to being the bank for the buyer. Well, you can be assured that they won't be the buyers bank any time soon. So, I went to a bank that is local to my home town and one that I think is eager to get some things done. They are now in the process of catching up to what we've been doing the past few months and from all indications believe that they can do the loan! I should know in the next week or so if they have blessed the deal and then can hopefully write another update with the good news.

I am still expecting great things. I guess we'll see in a year or so.

Thanks for reading!
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On 7:52 PM , Toevs said...

Congrats. I hear you got the loan. Did I hear correctly? If I did, yipee!
I will pray that those that stick around will be the right people. I can't wait to hear how the business grows under your ownership. I am sure you will do great things with the company!
I am administrative... if I was there, I would want to work for you. :-)