One Down
7:57 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
Not sure how many more to go but the bank approved the loan! Now it goes off to the government to get approval from them. They say that it should go pretty smoothly provided we have all our information together. I'm praying that it does and that this portion of it can be done and I can move on to other things.

I'm realizing the older I get the more I don't know and the more things I could improve on. I've realized this before but sometimes events in life make you aware of it again. I go along thinking that I've conquered some character flaw or thing I want to change in my life just to see another one up the road that is coming at me. I guess that's the way things are in this life. I hope I can be half the person I think myself to be one day. I know I've got a lot of work to do.
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On 8:32 AM , Marion said...

I love you!

On 4:40 PM , Toevs said...

Congrats on the loan. One less thing to accomplish. :-)

On 1:46 PM , Toevs said...

What's new?