Weekend Away
1:34 PM | Author: Eric Tuin

Last weekend we took a quick trip to my parents house. I had to go to a workshop for Hunters Education on Saturday so we figured we would just spend a couple days with my parents. It was good timing since things this week slowed down a little at work and it was easier to get away. It is amazing how a little time away from the "normal" life can recharge you and help you to feel refreshed. It was just a short charge so I will need more soon but it was nice to be away if even for a weekend.
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On 2:27 PM , Marion said...

It was nice to spend time away with you and the fam. Next time you and I should sneak away to Mexico:)!

On 6:20 PM , Toevs Family said...

We we could've gone to your parent's with you. :-)