The end of 2006
4:12 PM | Author: Eric Tuin

As you have probably heard the end of this year brought us much snow! You probably can not tell quite how much it was from this one picture but it was enought to make me want to get a snow blower for these times! The picture is after we shoveled our driveway and the pile of snow it created. Megan liked to play on it and slide down and put her face in the snow and generally just enjoy the snow.

I had the last week off from my normal work which was nice I was able to get some of my home projects done.

I tiled our downstairs bathroom as you can see in the picture and painted it as well. It is a nice change from the carpet and all the white walls we have in the house, it made us want to paint more soon.

Overall it was a good week off, I hope your 2007 is blessed!
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On 6:50 PM , Toevs Family said...

Nice tile job! Fun that I know what the before looks like. :-)

I am glad that you have enjoyed all the snow. Emma wishes we can have that much snow. We got a tiny bit on the 26th. At least the girls got to romp around in their snow boots they got for Christmas. But by the 27th, most of it was gone. Now we are just getting a ton of rain... which is flooding our basement. :-(

Happy New Year to you!