10:07 AM | Author: Eric Tuin
My pastor recently had an earth-shattering revelation that one has to be friendly to people if one wants to have friends. Sounds simple enough but is often difficult to do when people are not so friendly with you. When the person at the cash register has had a hard day and takes it out on you, or the neighbor next door doesn't see to like you for some reason, it is difficult to take the high road and be friendly anyway.

I think sometimes I am perceived as mean or unapproachable or unfriendly because many times I just don't think about saying hello or remember to smile at people. I usually don't have too much to say anyway and that is usually perceived as unfriendliness as well. A friend of mine had the revelation after going through a particularly hard time with people that "perception is reality." What a person perceives about you is their reality, right or wrong, that is who they think you are. We will conjure up all sorts of ideas and stories to make the person fit our perception. If In my position if people have the wrong perception of me it makes my job all the more difficult and ultimately I probably will not have the job as someone who is better with people will fill my shoes. I encourage you today to smile at everyone you come in contact with, say hello and say their name and try not to have bad perceptions of people, think of them as good and see if your attitude toward them changes.

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On 2:24 PM , Marion said...

Thanks for the reminder and for throwing down a good challenge at the end. I loved this blog!

On 2:03 PM , Toevs Family said...

I think your friendly, :-)

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