10:35 AM | Author: Eric Tuin
I guess I just have to get it out there, like it or not.  I read about the Miss California pagent this morning and am amazed at how narrow people think.  I know people like me get accused of this type of thinking, probably will for what I am writing, but why is it that one is only tollerant when one agrees with one particular side?  She didn't say that she doesnt like gay people or that there is anything wrong with them, just that she didn't agree with "gay marriage."  So, now all the people on that side are coming against her...the ones calling for tollerance and acceptance are bashing and thrashing at a person for expressing a view contrary to theirs.  The tollerance crowd wants to destroy the very crowd that gave them the ability and freedom to be what they think they want to be, amazing! The very crowd that is the most tollerant of differing views, but gets bashed and belittled and told they are biggots, or narrow minded when they stand up for the few fundamentals they feel are being compromised.  

Why is it that we have to re-define something that itself defines the union of a woman and a man?  I honestly don't care if one chooses to be gay and chooses to live with a partner of the same sex but why does that person want to call it something that it is not?  One would think with all the new terms and gayspeak out there that they would want their own term, their own definition.  Why take the definition of the very thing one is against?  The gay crowd should realize that all they have to do is come up with a good word for their unions, get it accpted, and move on!  So what, there would be one more check box on a form "are you married, divorced, separated, single, ________, (united, same sex partners, partners) fill in the blank?  Why not be tollerant of people who want to be married, and accept that one is not?  One can have the same dwindling "rights" that the rest of us do.  Everyone is not out to get those in the alternative lifestyle and I think there would be a lot more acceptance and tollerance if there was such from both sides.

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