8:02 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
So how do you foster peace through peace itself? Does peace come out of just being at peace? The longer I live the more I think not, and I don't feel that old yet. I was originally thinking about peace in the micro scale but I believe the more I think about it, it applies to the macro as well. So how do you create peace? How do you have peace in your own home? When the kids are at each others throat....when you are at odds with your spouse...when there is conflict from outside forces like friends...

I know I'm throwing out a lot of rhetorical questions here but maybe some of you will think about it if even for a minute. Peace does not come through peace itself, peace comes through eliminating or diminishing, as much as possible, evil. I guess the problem comes when people are not on the same page as to what IS evil. When some believe in the one true God and others believe that He is the evil they are going against. They try to eliminate us, we try to eliminate them. All to bring about peace. Doesn't everyone want peace? It's just that people do not believe that their beliefs are wrong so they will fight to put down anyone who comes against them, so that they can be at peace. So, this is where I end with the other side I guess. I believe in God that he is the one true God and that there is no other God. It has been proven over and over and will be proven as long as there is life. So, anything against God is evil. To have peace on earth or in my home or in this country we have to do what it takes to eliminate evil.

OK, so now that those of you who miss-interpret what I just said...No I don't want to eliminate or destroy anyone who doesn't believe the same as me. Jesus called us to Love our enemies too and to pray for them. I don't think that we should go out and destroy those who do not believe what I believe. However, those that fight directly against what IS true and those who actively pursue EVIL should be dealt with at some level or another.

Example...everyone would probably agree that an unwanted intruder into your house would be Evil...correct? Maybe they are there to do terrible things to you and your family, it happens probably every night in somewhere or another. So, to have peace in your house would it be best to just sit there and PEACEFULLY let them do those terrible things? NO, NO, NO! You would do everything you can to protect your family and yourself and put down the evil that has entered your house, in order to restore PEACE in your home.

I guess I'm on a rant here but you CAN'T create peace by acting peacefully and trying to negotiate with those who want to destroy you! Sure it may buy you a few more minutes of life or maybe even more that that, but eventually you'll have to remove the evil or peace will not exist. I just get tired of the rhetoric about some who think that those who want a strong military and strong government don't want peace. That is a lie! The reason we want those things is because we want peace and realize that the only way to peace is to rid us from the evil that wants to destroy our peace.

I suppose this is getting too long for one post! Thanks for reading, maybe I can continue soon if you care. Please think about it! Yes, I'm a gun toting conservative...maybe this will being to explain why?
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On 8:42 AM , Marion said...

I get it. That's really good. Just as sometimes you have to fight for what you believe it, you also have to fight to maintain the peace you have if you want to keep it. Nicely done!

On 11:29 AM , The Miller Clan said...

Great post Eric, you are right...we need to stay away from evil as much as we possibly can, but in this day and age, it is tough, but with God's strength and power, we can!
Love you brother!

On 10:15 PM , Kristin Rogers said...

This is one of the best explanations I have ever read, and it says exactly how we feel! Thank you for putting into words what I've been trying to reiterate all this time to my "peaceful" friends. I've always wondered why so many people turn violent at their so-called "peace" rallies! Through God, all things are possible! Here's from one gun toting conservative to another! :)