Changing Seasons
1:34 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
Its getting cold! Leaves are changing or all but changed, bright yellow surrounds the drive home instead of the dark green's. Its pretty but so short lived it seems. I don't know if I'm ready for winter yet this year. This year has gone ever so slow, literally day by day, or hour by hour with uncertanty looming around every corner. It makes for a long year and its not over yet! I guess there's nothing magic about the year being "over" as it is more than the calendar that has to change.

I guess for now I'll just keep hanging on and living through the seasons. I hope your Fall and Winter are blessed and that you and I figure out how to come out on top with all of the uncertanty of this world being thrown at us.
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On 9:47 PM , The Miller Clan said...

I hear ya! I sure miss the colors changing. We went up to Oak Glenn this Monday to take the kids to the pumpkin patch. It was beautiful and the leaves were just starting to change. I love you and think about you often!

On 4:56 PM , Marion said...

Change is our only certainty though this year we could have taken it a tish more toned down:)! Like the blog...Glad you posted. Sorry I didn't notice it until 10 days later.