Continuing Decline
4:39 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
You know, at some point you hit bottom and there is no where else to go....except I guess you could start digging :).

I feel like I'm floating just above the bottom at this point. The company is down to 4 people. Funny how when "the deal" was first presented there were 20 some people, then when it finally closed there were 11, now there are 4. I've referred to this company as an airplane sometimes and wondering how high it will fly, right now it seems that it is only flying on hope.

How naive I was to think that things were bad a year and a half ago or more, complaining about my job and having enough of it. At least I was getting paid and pretty much knew what the future held. Now, the future is uncertain...I guess all there is, is to hold on to the hope that is left.
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On 5:44 PM , The Miller Clan said...

Keep up the HOPE! We are praying for you and all that is going on! I pray that God will bring you more work so you can build it back up!Love you!