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8:20 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
I thought I might try to blog again even thought I don't think I have too much to say. Life has been pretty difficult in the past few weeks but most of it is my own fault and if I had chosen an different path I suppose it could be easier but would it have been better? I heard a guy on a radio program several months ago say that everything in life has prepared him for the place he is in now. He was older and had owned several businesses and ran for government and was now in a very high position but he didn't think it was any big thing because all the steps along the way prepared him for it. Like God had prepared him for what he was supposed to do late in life, not that what he had done earlier was of any less significance, just that now he was prepared for the next mission. I hope that I can say the same thing when I look back, even next year, but surely in 10 or so years.
I've realized lately that God gives us all tools (tools are just gifts, as the Bible says, from a man's perspective) and we choose to use those tools for what they were built for, or to use them for some other purpose. Sure you can use a knife as a screwdriver or a screwdriver for a lever, or a shoe for a hammer, or whatever, but in the end you usually end up breaking the tool that was used for the wrong purpose. You had something great but choose to use it for an unintended purpose and destroyed what was great.
I hope I have the wisdom to use the tools I've been given for what they were intended to be used for and end up building something that really was God's design and plan all along. A plan that I just couldn't see until i did my part with what I was given. It seems lately that my world is surrounded by people that don't realize they have a divine tool to use and if they just did with it what it was intended they would create something great.

I pray that your life becomes something of greatness and that you allow yourself to become all that you were created to be.
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On 7:24 AM , Toevs said...

so true...

On 5:55 AM , Opa's Blog said...

Just read your blog. Some great thinking going on in your head! I know God will give you the wisdom you need in the coming days. Don't know what He has in store, just know He will give you what you need when you need it.

On 7:25 AM , Jana Miller said...

I agree with dad. I've been praying for you and I will now pray for wisdom in making the right choices throughout your days. Love you brother!