9:31 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
Well months of preparation, thinking, planning, worrying, learning, etc has come down to a few final days. The closing for the bank loan and the company should happen on Friday...Lord willing and a few more signatures get collected. The Landlord that we lease from is being difficult and not wanting to sign a subordination agreement, and the bank wont fund the loan unless he does. I think in some way he's pulling a power trip being that he can. I am praying that he realizes what he's doing and doesn't stop this whole 9 month process just because he feels like it. I wish we were in the days that a handshake meant something and that all of the legal stuff that makes people nervous could be left alone. So if all goes as hoped we will be Vision Engineering on Monday.

I hope I'm ready for it all and know that the past few months of stuff is probably just preparation for the future. I try to stay relaxed about it all and not worry but it is difficult. There are still a lot of details to take care of for the new company as well as keeping the work coming in and getting done. We are still slow but I also trust that things will pick up when all the transition is completed and nerves settle down.

Thanks for checking in.
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On 2:35 PM , Marion said...

Hang in there! I know you know that I have full faith and confidence in you but if you only knew how many others I have talked to who do as well. I believe that life is about to sweeten up a bit for us:). Thanks for being so tough through all of this and for letting me join you on the ride:)!

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On 10:22 AM , Toevs said...

It is Monday... just wondering how it all is going. :-)