7:58 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
Wow, May 15th is the last time I've posted? Crazy. I've had a lot that I wanted to post but have not been able to for various reasons. So where do I begin? For those of you who have not heard I'm in the process of buying the office I work at. I'm not buying the entire company just the office. There are about 15 people there that will be part of the new company (about 15 less then there used to be) . Today I registered the name with the state, or filled out the paperwork to do so. If the name is approved it will be Vision Engineering, LLC and the website will most likely be http://www.visioncivil.com/ I could not find a domain that had vision in its name and phonetically pleasing until I stumbled on this. Hopefully its not too far from the actual name.

The current owners are in favor of the change and honestly I think they were trying to shut the office down and it would have been if I didn't take it over. We lost our survey department today which is a bummer for me as I wanted to keep surveying in the company, but I'll just figure out a way to establish it in the near future. We have been pretty slow on work, which is part of why we lost the survey department, and could use a miracle job or two to come in the door. I am expecting a lot and have a lot of Ideas and dreams I hope will come to existence. I don't expect that everything will happen over night and I definitely have a lot to learn about business, people, communication, etc.

In other news...we just took a trip to the Riviera Maya, without the kids! It was great and nice to re-connect with my wife in light of all the recent changes that are going on. Thankfully we did not have a problem "getting to know each other again" and were able to just enjoy it and enjoy each other. I guess that's it for now, thanks for reading and stopping by, hopefully I can be better at posting.
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On 1:11 PM , Marion said...

Woo Hoo for us! What a ride:)!!! I like reconnecting - let's do it again SOON!!!


On 7:21 PM , Toevs Family said...

Congrats on the new business venture. And congrats on reconnecting with your wife. :-)

We have been busy here too... stop by the blog and see what we've been up to. :-)