The Park
7:42 AM | Author: Eric Tuin

This Sunday we got up early and went out to breakfast for Mothers Day before going to church. We used to be able to go out sometimes after church but then they moved the service back to 9:30 so its almost too late for breakfast after church...Anyway we got done early and went to a park that is near the church and just killed time for about 45 minutes. We were looking for a place for the kids to play but there wasn't a playground at this park. We all had fun anyway exploring and wondering around. Ben fell and skinned his knees about 4 times so he didn't enjoy the uneven surfaces but he pulled through. Our kids are getting so big already! It is nice sometimes to just be forced to do nothing and run around the park for a while.

The last few weeks have been very busy for me and with a lot potentially going on for our future. I will write more later when I am able to. For now I continue to pray for wisdom and enjoy the times I an run around the park with the kids!

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On 3:08 PM , Marion said...

We must think alike... Check me out;). I could not ask for more! Thanks for a GREAT day! I'll always remember it...

On 6:26 AM , Toevs Family said...

Looks like a beautiful day. Good job, Eric. :-)