I think I've written this before
11:22 AM | Author: Eric Tuin
It seems like almost every day one is faced with lots of choices to make. Everything from easy choices like deciding to get out of bed to whether or not one should move or make a career change. Honestly I don't know how we do it at times with so much going on and such potential to make some bad choice that could drastically alter our path. I think maybe some are more reactions without really going through the "choice" poriton of our brain. One thing that I think we choose every day is our attitude and mood for the day or the hour, or the moment. I believe at some level we can choose our reactions to things that happen to us or around us as well.

It seems that many people (myself included) let their world get to them and choose to have a bad attitude or get angry at something that is really nothing in the grand scheme of things. I've even seen people destroy their day, week, and longer over something that wasn't even true. Believing that the way they see things has to be right and then choosing to have a bad attitude or be angry at the situation, only later to find out that they were wrong in the first place. Then they have to decide whether or not they will admit that they are wrong or just go about being angry and continuing in their self deception.

I tried to make a consious decision this year to try and not worry myself about things I have no control over. The decision has most of its impact at work but I think it works throughout. Last year I was not very happy much of the time because I tried to change things I really couldn't. That led to frustration and my own choice to be unhappy. I guess my motto for this year (which I will have to remind myself every day) is "choose this day how you will serve" The bible says "who you will serve", and I work on that too but, if I'm a grumpy, upset, angry Christian what good does that do me or anyone else?
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On 6:47 AM , Toevs Family said...

Thanks for the reminder... especially since we've had a rough morning around the house... dead car battery... grumpy kids... below zero temps... but I am going to choose to have a good day anyway! :-)

On 6:47 PM , Cody said...

Amen. I was starting to have one of those days. Your words here were a nudge in the right direction. Thanks for sharing them.