2:47 PM | Author: Eric Tuin

This weekend Meg and I went to the local hardware store and happened to get there when they had Santa there and a little craft for the kids to do. At first I really didn't want to intrupt my mission to make a Christmas ornament and wait in line to see santa, but I figured that you only live once and she is only a kid once so I just needed to relax and let her do her thing. I am glad I did because she probably will not see another santa as we don't typically search one out. She has not been feeling very well this week and mom has had to take her to the doctor twice and she has had to miss 2 days of pre-school. The Dr. said she might have RSV, whatever that is, something viral in her lungs. So she has felt a little down the last few days and the medicine that she has to take (through a nebulizer) makes her kinda hyper and buzzed. Not much fun around christmas time but hopefully her (and everyone else in the family) will be 100% healthy in a week or so.

I hope your December is going well and that you are not getting bogged down in the busyness of life this time of year.
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On 1:23 PM , Toevs Family said...

Sorry to hear that Megan has RSV. That is no fun!
You sound like me... wanting to get the task at hand done... think it's a Tuin thing? :-) Good for you for letting that go, at least for the moment. I have to force myself to do that sometimes, but I am always glad when I do.