1:47 PM | Author: Eric Tuin
I have been listening to some talk radio lately when I am not listening to something else...I also recently started listening to country music again, but that is a whole other topic. One of the people I like to listen to is Dennis Prager (www.pragerradio.com) he has a Happiness hour every Friday where he and other people that call in just talk about being happy. I think I always knew it but being reminded of a truth is always good and that is that Happiness is a choice. It is not something that you are when you feel like it. Something does not effect you to make you happy, you chose to be happy because it. If you are not happy it is because you (and I) have not chosen to be happy. It takes work and practice to keep yourself happy too.
With being a parent it seems that our kids absorb our happiness too just like they absorb our crabbyness, or worry, or whatever state we are in at the time. Just try it next time you are in your car with the kids and everyone is complaining and whining, sing a happy song or tell a joke or tickle someone and see how it changes the whole mood.
In working with people or dealing with people your happiness effects how they treat you and how you treat them. I think we would receive many more blessings in life if we all chose to be happy, and even when we don't feel like it :).
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On 1:41 PM , Toevs Family said...

Since "happiness" is your topic, here is a quote from Anna today, "I am so glad I am happy!" She said it with a huge smile on her face. :-)

On 6:24 AM , Toevs Family said...

Ok, I keep checking in... time for a new post. :-)